Mac Edition - How to export my website for publishing?
This FAQ applies to HTML Egg 2 for Mac.
  • Launch HTML Egg 2
  • Open the website you wish to edit
  • Navigate to the page you wish to export
  • Go to Toolbar >Export > Export Source Files > Export This Page
  • Launch Finders and navigate to the location that you chose to export the source files
  • These web source files are ready for publishing to your website. Please make sure you upload all exported files to your website.
  • If this is your first time publishing files to your website, please also upload the “helper_frameworks” folder, this is required for proper page layouts. You only need to upload this folder once per website.
  • If you are hosting your website locally, you can click on the HTML file to run it directly on your device.
The exported source files include a html file and a separate folder for photos. For example, exporting source files for a page with file name “index.html” will generate the HTML file and a folder containing media files (such as photos) used on the page.