Web Disk - publish files directly from the app without separate file upload

This FAQ applies to the Mac edition.

What is Web Disk?
Web Disk is feature provided by most modern web host provider. By mapping your website web disk to your computer, you can export your web design source files directly to your website (skipping the file upload step).

How do I set up Web Disk?
Before you can access your files remotely using Web Disk, please verify the Web Disk feature is supported by your web host. Set up an account for Web Disk if one is required (some web hosts do not require a separate account and supports connections via your existing FTP account credentials)

How do I connect to Web Disk from my Mac?
  • From the Finder, click the Go menu, and then click Connect to Server.
  • In the Server address text box, type the Web Disk address provided by your web host. It is usually in a format similar to the following:
  • https://example.com:2078
  • Replace example.com with your own address.
  • Click "Connect"
  • Type in username and password for Web Disk account when prompted.