iOS Edition - How to import design files saved in eggpage format?
This FAQ applies to HTML Egg 2 for iPhone and iPad.
Eggpage are design files created using previous versions of HTML Egg.
Part 1
Part 2
  • Launch HTML Egg 2 and create a new blank document
  • Tap on "+", scroll to the bottom and select "Import eggpage files"
  • Navigate to the folder with eggpage files
  • If you are looking to import only a single page, you can tap directly on file
  • If you are looking to import multiple pages, tap on "..." and then "Select"
  • Select all the eggpage files you wish to import and choose "Open"
  • Walk through the import process, tap on "Page listings" to view the newly imported pages
  • Go to Toolbar > Home button to save the imported pages in new "egg2" format
  • Rename existing pages in the website if you are importing a page with the same file name. (i.e. renaming index.html to index_old.html)