iOS Edition - How to export my website for publishing?
This FAQ applies to HTML Egg 2 for iPhone and iPad.
  • Launch HTML Egg 2
  • Open the website you wish to edit
  • Navigate to the page you wish to export
  • Go to toolbar > Export button > "Export Page"
  • Choose "Export To Files App"
  • The Files app is a default iOS system app that comes installed with your device. This is a file management app developed by Apple.
To learn more about the Files app, see
  • Launch "Files" app
  • Choose "On My iPad"
  • Open folder "HTML Egg 2 - Website Designer" > "Exports"
  • Navigate to your website folder, in this example, our website is named "HTML Egg 2 Demo Examples"
  • These web source files are ready for publishing to your website. Please make sure you upload all exported files to your website.
If you wish to, you can also preview the exported HTML file directly within the Files app. Please note sandbox restrictions on the Files app prevents local photos from loading in HTML files. (This affects preview only and is a limitation of the Files app)
You will need a FTP client or file transfer tool in order to publish your website to your web host.

This video tutorial provides instructions for uploading using File Manager. File Manager is a web based tool that allows you to publish files to your website, this tool works with the iPhone, iPad and desktop devices.

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