What is a base template? How do I use it?
- the base template is designed to contain components that should be consistent across the website. Examples are headers and navigation site menus.

- there can only be one base template in a website

- when a page uses the base template, it automatically inherits all objects in the base template. The base template objects show with a "blue" border on a regular page. Base template objects can only be edited from "basetemplate.html"

- content on the base template are ONLY editable directly from the base template page. On inherited pages, base template content are presented in "read-only" mode

- when a change is made to the base template, please "Refresh App Pages" to populate the changes to all other pages in the website that uses the base template

- you can choose to turn base template on and off for specific pages depending on your website theme needs

- once published, all content in the base template is "flattened" so it merges into each page. The resulting page is static HTML content.