How to specify thumbnail image for Facebook post and Pinterest?
When you include your website URL in a Facebook status update or post, Facebook will automatically identify the URL and hyperlink it.
You can also request a thumbnail image to show next to the website URL too, here's how to do this with HTML Egg.

These instructions also allow Pinterest to grab the designated images from your web page.

1. Launch the HTML Egg app and open the web page you wish modify
2. Open Page preferences and paste the following code into the "Custom Header Code" field
<meta property="og:image" content=""/>
In this example, the image URL embedded shows a HTML Egg logo.

When you are pasting this code, Please replace this URL with the image URL you wish to be displayed on Facebook for your website. We recommend using an image that is representative of your website content. For example, if you are creating an official business website, your business logo would be the perfect candidate.

How do I locate the URL for an image I want?

This is very easy, simply follow these steps to upload a logo image and retrieve the URL:

1. Launch the HTML Egg App, create a brand new web page. Name it "My Logo"
2. In the Template Selection screen, make sure you select the Blank template (the first one)
3. Add your logo image to the web page
4. Publish your web page
5. Derive your image URL. If your website base URL is, the logo image URL will be:

And you are done! :)