How to specify multiple images for Pinterest?
To specify multiple images that can be pinned on Pinterest, follow these steps:

1. Add HTML Snippet
2. Add sample code with image URLs:
<img src= width=0 height=0> <img src= width=0 height=0>
Please add one line for each image. The width and height parameters should be set to 0 here so they do not show on the page, but will be successfully picked up when reading this page using Pinterest.

How do I locate the URL for an image I want?

This is very easy, simply follow these steps to upload a logo image and retrieve the URL:

1. Launch the HTML Egg App, create a brand new web page. Name it "My Logo"

2. In the Template Selection screen, make sure you select the Blank template (the first one)

3. Add your logo image to the web page

4. Publish your web page

5. Derive your image URL. If your website base URL is, the logo image URL will be:

6. If you add multiple images to the same page, the other images will be named sequentially as follows:

If the image format is JPG or JPEG, the file name extension will be in "JPG".