How to embed a Blogger blog into your HTML Egg web page?
In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily embed your Blogger blog into your web page. This integration will allow visitors to your website to view dynamically updated blog content.

Step 1. Launch the HTML Egg App and navigate to the web page you wish to include the blog on

Step 2. Tap on the Add New (+) button on the toolbar and choose "HTML Snippet"

Step 3. Resize newly added HTML Snippet box, drag on the resize bars to make the box larger. You want to size it to the same dimension as you wish the embedded blog to occupy

Step 4. Paste the following code into the HTML Snippet box:
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width=930 height=500 scrolling=yes allowfullscreen></iframe>

Please replace "" with your own Blogger URL

This will provide an embedded scrolling window, the visitor will be able to scroll to read the entire blog. If needed, please adjust the width and height values to fit other desired layout dimensions.

And you are done! :) Publish this web page to check out your embedded blog! Your blog entries will automatically be updated on your web page when you update your blog.