How to add links to documents?
Adding links to document files are fairly simple, you will be able to apply hyper links in the same way as linking to a regular web page.

1. If the document files are currently stored locally on your computer or your mobile device, you will first need to upload the file online so others can access it. There are a number of FTP Apps that can help with this, including FTP Manager Free and FTP Client Pro. Or if you use a cloud sharing App such as Dropbox, you will also be able to use the share-able link.

2. Launch the HTML Egg App, open the web page you wish to edit.

3. Create a text or photo link, press and hold on the object and choose "Hyperlink". Enter the link to the document in the link field and tap on the "Save" button.

For example, if the file is "MyDocument.pdf", you will be able to add a hyper link pointing to ""

Before adding the link, please copy and paste the PDF link into a web browser to make sure it's accessible. If this link launches a "404 Not Found" error, this means the file was not uploaded to the correct web publishing folder. In order for it to be accessible online, it needs to be uploaded to the same folder as the rest of your web page HTML files.

And you're done! Publish this page to see the changes online.

Tip: if you choose to host the document file on your web server, make sure there are no special characters or spaces in the file name. When applying the link, write out the entire file name including the extension. (i.e. mydocument.pdf)