How to add a site map into my website?
A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to search engine crawlers or users. After your website is published, you may wish to add a site map to your website. Please note this step takes place outside of the HTML Egg App.

The following are instructions for adding in a site map from, please note the HTML Egg app is not affiliated with, instructions here are prepared to assist with technical support questions from our users.

1. Enter your published website URL into and retrieve site map generated (free)

2. If you are using an iOS device, you may choose to have the site map XML file emailed to you as attachments, this is one of the options you will be provided with when your site map results are returned

3. Upload the site map file into your web server. This upload is done outside of HTML Egg using a third party FTP Client. If you are using a Mac or a PC to upload, "FileZilla" is a free and easy to use FTP Client. If you are uploading using your iPhone or iPad, "FTPManager Free" is available from the App Store.

A few helpful tips for users uploading using the iPhone or iPad:

- When "FTPManager" is launched, select "Add FTP Server", you can set up a connection to your website here. Most of the settings will be fine left as default, you should enter in the FTP Server, Username and Password. (Should be the same as what is currently being used to publish in HTML Egg)

- In Mail, please tap on the attachment file named "sitemap.xml", and choose "Open in". You should see FTPManager Free in the list of available apps you can choose to open this file in. Please select "FTPManager Free" and you will be automatically transferred to the "FTPManager Free" app.

- Open FTPManager, select "Local", tap on the "Edit" button. Choose "sitemap.xml", then tap on "Upload". If the FTP server has been configured correctly (same settings as in HTML Egg), you should be good to go. :)

When implementing your site map, always follow the latest instructions as provided by your Site Map generator tool.