How do I work on my web design on multiple devices?
The HTML Egg app is available for your iPad, iPhone and Mac. (iOS and macOS editions sold separately)

If you web design with HTML Egg on multiple devices, the following instructions will help you sync your website data.

You have a couple of different options to transfer data between your iOS device and a Mac. They are both very simple:

Option 1. Sync through iCloud

The easiest option is to save your web design file in iCloud Drive. Your changes will be automatically synchronized.

From your iPhone and iPad: access your designs from Files App > iCloud Drive
From your Mac: access your designs from Finders > iCloud Drive

Option 2. Email as document attachment
Email the design document in "egg2" format. Unlike iCloud sync where your website changes are automatically managed, email transfers require you to manually share and transfer files. This option is ideal for sharing one-time edits and collaborative revisions.