How do I embed a Rafflecopter widget into my web page?
The HTML Egg App makes it incredibly simple to embed third party widgets into your web page.

A Rafflecopter widget is a fun way to run Raffle drawings on your website. To learn more, please visit

Step by step guide on embedding a Rafflecopter widget into your web page:

1. Launch the HTML Egg App
2. Open the web page you wish to embed the widget into
3. In the toolbar, tap Add New to add a "HTML Snippet"
4. Log into your Rafflecopter account and create your raffle, when you are done with your design, choose the "Embed" option to obtain the HTML code, copy this code
5. Back to the HTML Egg App, paste the raffle widget code into the HTML Snippet newly added in step 3
6. Drag on the resize bars to resize the HTML Snippet. Depending on your raffle design, your snippet may occupy a significant portion of the web page, so make sure you resize the HTML snippet to give it sufficient space.

And you are done, publish your web page to see your raffle in action! :)

As a side note, we are not affiliated with Rafflecopter, this FAQ is added to help answer support questions from the HTML Egg App users.