How do I create a web store?
HTML Egg can help you create a web shop to sell products online.

To accept payment online, you will be able to easily add Paypal Buy Now buttons to your products. All you need is a Paypal account.

If you are selling a number of different products, you may wish to create a shopping cart with "Add to cart" buttons next to each product, as well as a "View Cart" link that leads the customer to check out.

Implementing a shopping cart is different than adding a buy now button but is also fairly straight forward.

You will need to log into your account at in order to generate the HTML code. Copy the code from the Paypal website and paste it into HTML Snippets in your web page.

You will need the following buttons:

Add to Cart - generate one for each product, add onto the web page displaying the product descriptions

View Cart - generate one for the entire store. Should display at the top of the page, next to the navigation menu, so it's easy to users to find.

Instructions for generating button code from

1. Log in to the PayPal site (

2. Tap on Merchant Services (no need for special premium Paypal accounts, any regular Paypal account should have this tab)

3. Build your PayPal button . Choose your button type, and customize your button with your product name and price.

4. Add the button code to your website. Just copy and paste the code into a HTML Snippet. Use one snippet box per button (if you are adding two Add to Cart buttons, use two different HTML Snippets)