Are HTML Egg design files compatible with Wolf?
Our team also develop a different software named Wolf for responsive website design (now available for both Mac and iOS).

Wolf is not able to directly read HTML Egg files, but all of our web design apps share a number of common attributes which make it relatively easy for users to migrate websites between apps.

If you are rebuilding a website originally developed in HTML Egg in Wolf, here are a few design tips to help you with migration:

1. During the rebuild process, any existing widgets and code segments can be reused.

2. If you use “Custom Header Code”, code can be directly copied and pasted between the “Custom Header” field from Page Properties.

3. Use shared header and shared footer for content that you wish to present on all pages in the website. Wolf use “Shared Header” and “Shared Footer”, this is the same as “Base template” in HTML Egg.