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HTML Egg for Mac
Supports Mac OS 10.10 and up
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* Supports ALL Classic Edition features PLUS tables, hover effects, new gallery backdrops and web form designer
* Intuitive drag and drop editor for websites and web forms
* Multiple website management
* Site-level base template
* Supports multiple publish modes including single file, entire website transfers as well as quick refreshes
* Directly uploads and embeds links to document files including Word, PDF, Power Point and media files
Pro Edition
**New Release**
Supports Mac OS 10.7 and up
* Intuitive drag and drop designer
* Supports text, photos, hyperlinks, slideshows, image galleries, shapes and embeds widgets through HTML snippets
* Publishes via FTP, SFTP and FTP/SSL
* Exports web design documents to PDF format
* Supports direct imports of compatible pages from web URL
* Supports beautiful web fonts and hundreds of colors
* Supports multiple layer arrangement with special effects including object opacity, shadows and more