* Supports ALL Classic Edition features
* Supports new exclusive Pro Edition only features:
- Tables grids, hover effects, new gallery backdrops
- Creates web forms in addition to websites
- Base template for centrally managing themes
- New web fonts and colors
- Centrally managed search engine optimized meta tags
- Multiple publish modes and quick refreshes
- Built-in website fav icons
* Creates web pages in html format
* Supports multiple websites
* Supports text, shapes photos, hyperlinks, slideshows
* Supports lightbox image galleries
* Embeds widgets through HTML snippets
* Publishes via FTP, SFTP and FTP/SSL
* Exports documents to PDF format
* Syncs with Dropbox
* Supports direct imports of compatible pages from web URL
Universal app.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini.

Supports iOS 8.0 and up

Supports both landscape/portrait on iPad,
portrait only on iPhone

Designed exclusively for iPad.
Compatible with iPad Air, iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini.

Supports iOS 8.0 and up

Beautifully designed user interface for BOTH landscape and portrait
For iPhone
For Mac
For iPad
Designed and published with HTML Egg Pro

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