How to configure FTP Settings for publishing your website?
To publish, you will need the FTP account information as provided by your web host. You will usually be able to find this information in a welcome email or from your account control panel. Please contact the web host tech support if you are unsure where to find this information.

Enter the information into the FTP settings in the App, and you should be able upload to the server. Pages will be published as soon as the page upload is complete. (If you are uploading changes, just fresh your web browser to see updates)

You may find the following demos helpful for configuring your FTP settings:

If you encounter any connection errors, please run a FTP Connection Test to help you determine potential setting issues, the most common error is usually caused by a typo in the username or password.

Here is a guide on the FTP upload settings:

Type (FTP / SFTP / FTPS)
- most web hosts only support the default selection, "FTP". If your web host has not provided you with explicit instructions, leave this selection at the default "FTP"

Server Address
- this is the same as "Host" and is usually similar to your website address

- your FTP account username

- your FTP account password

Remote Path
- this is an optional field for many web hosts. Please leave it blank. IF REQUIRED by your web host, you may need to enter a folder path. The most common path is “public_html” but it may vary depending on web server settings, you web host should provide you with the exact folder name if required.

Website Base URL
- this is your website address. Very similar to Server Address above, except this address should start with "http://"

Where to find information needed for my FTP settings?
- when you sign up for a web host account, you should receive all the necessary FTP login information in an email. If you do not, you should at least receive a username and password for logging into your control panel where you can locate all the FTP account details. Please get in touch with your web host to verify login details or reset passwords.

Is there a reference guide on how to enter FTP settings in the app?
Yes, to make it easier for users to enter FTP settings, explanations for what should be entered into each field are built right into the app. For step by step instructions on locating this reference, please see video demo at

I need my web page to launch automatically when user types in my domain name, without typing in the file name.
You will have to define your launch page by renaming the file name of the page to "index" (note lower case i). This page needs to be published again after the rename. For detailed instructions on renaming, please see