How do I transfer an existing web page into the Android version of HTML Egg?
To import a web page into the HTML Egg App, iOS users can use the Page Import function or the built in backup/restore features.

Android users, on the other hand, can simply copy and paste the files into the device SD card, and save it into the HTML Egg directory.

The default HTML Egg directory on an Android device is named "HTMLEggData".

There are multiple sub folders within "HTMLEggData", one for each website.

If you are copying over an entire website, you may paste it directly in "HTMLEggData".

If you want to copy over just a single page, you may paste the HTML file along with the associated data folder, as well as icon images (PNG file with the same name as the HTML file) under any of the sub folders within "HTMLEggData", if you are unsure, you can always select the sub folder named "Samples", this is a default folder that comes bundled with the App.

Important: After transferring images over to HTML Egg for Android, please remove all images ending with "x2".

After the data has been transferred into the directory, re-launch the App or simply navigate to another screen within the App and navigate back to the page listings to view the newly added page.