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How do I link to another part of the same page with anchor?
The steps to adding hyperlinks is fairly consistent for internal and external pages. For a demo on adding external links, please see

Adding URLs to a different portion of the same page (with anchors) is slightly different. This will require you to add in HTML Snippets to define the start of each section, and then associate a hyper link the respective section:

1. Add a HTML Snippet to the beginning of a section on the web page. This step is called Anchor. Sample code for section 1:
"<a name="section1">Section 1</a>"

2. Move the snippet in step 1 to the beginning of the part of the page where you would like to link to.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 to create as many different sections as desired. Each section represent an area of the web page you wish to link to.

4. Creat a hyper link to "#section1", when published, clicking on this link will automatically scroll the page to section 1 as defined in step 1. If you are working with a navigation menu, you will be able to apply hyper links to each anchored web page section.

The anchor texts have to be present on the page so the links can identify where they are. You can easily hide them by placing the snippet behind an image, or changing the snippet colour so it’s invisible on the page. For example, if you have a white coloured background, you can write the snippet as follows:

<font color=white><a name=section1>section1</a></font>

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