How do I delete a web page?
When you no longer need a web page, you may choose to delete it. (From both the App and the web server!)

On the iPhone: Tap on the action blue button to the right of the page, then choose "Delete"

On the iPad: Tap on the editor button, select the page you wish to delete (single tap to select, page will be highlighted in red). Tap on the delete (recycle bin) icon in the toolbar bar.

You will be prompted to confirm delete action before the page is deleted.

Please note this will remove the web page from the App, but it does not remove the copy that's been uploaded to your web server. To remove files from the web server, please see instructions below.

If you have files you no longer wish visitors to access, you may log directly into your web server using any FTP client and remove the files. Remember to make backups for any files that you will need before deleting.

FREE FTP Clients:

PC and Mac - FileZilla
iOS (iPhone and iPad) - FTPManager Free