How to share editable copies of my HTML Egg web page?
In addition to publishing your website online, this App provides multiple options for sharing your work. You may choose to export this page in PDF format, as well as share a fully editable copy for collaborative revision.

To send an editable copy, please tap on the Share button in the toolbar and choose "Email Document". Detailed steps:

1. Launch the HTML Egg app and navigate to the web page you are working on

2. On the top toolbar, look for the "Share" button. (On the iPad, this is the "team" icon to the left of the page title)

3. Choose "Email Document"

A file with the ".eggpage" extension will be generated. You may send this file to anyone for editing. In order to be able to open this file, the recipient must have HTML Egg installed.

HTML Egg is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini and iPod touch.

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