How do I use the Copy and Paste functions within the App?
In order to ensure you can design more efficiently, HTML Egg has created its very own App clipboard. Using this clipboard, you can copy and paste text boxes, photos, HTML Snippets, as well as groups of these objects between different page designs. Of course, you will also have full access to the default iOS clipboard, which will allow you to copy and paste content from HTML Egg to other Apps, and vice versa.

To optimize your work flow, it's important to understand when and how to use these different copy and paste functions:

1. Copy text boxes, photos and HTML Snippets to another page within HTML Egg: tap to select object, then tap on the toolbar menu to select "Copy", this will copy selected objects onto the App clipboard, which can then be pasted to different web pages within the App. When pasting, you will retain all the original formatting, layout and hyper links. You may also select and copy multiple objects at a time. This is a very useful tool for transferring groups of objects such as a newly created navigation menu across multiple pages.

2. Paste text boxes, photos and HTML Snippets. Tap on the toolbar and select the "Paste" option, this will retrieve content from the App clipboard and paste them onto the currently open page canvas. If you did not previously store any objects onto the App Clipboard (as shown in step 1), you may be presented with a message prompt reminding you that there is currently nothing to paste.

3. Paste text from a different App. Sometimes, you may wish to transfer a segment of text from another App such as Safari or Pages into HTML Egg:
- first select and copy the text from the third party App
- open HTML Egg, open the page that you wish to work on
- double tap on the text box or HTML Snippet that you wish to paste in, with the keyboard launched, single tap to shown option for Paste
- if you do not wish to combine with existing content, tap on the Add New button to create a new text box or HTML Snippet