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How do I transfer App data between devices?
The easiest way to transfer a website from one device to another is to use the Dropbox sync feature.

1. Sync websites on original device to Dropbox

2. Install HTML Egg onto the new device

On your new device, you should be able to download previously purchased apps directly from the “Purchased” tab of the App Store. All your existing purchased apps should be listed there, instead of a “Buy” button, you should see a “Cloud” looking icon representing download. It is free to download apps that you have purchased before onto new devices.

Additional information on downloading previously purchased apps is available at

3. Sync to restore the original website into the new device

Please make sure you log in using the same Dropbox account

In addition to the Dropbox website sync feature, you may also use iTunes FileSharing to transfer a zipped file of all HTML Egg data between devices, this requires access to an authorized computer with iTunes.

Many users also like to sync between devices using the Page Import option, this last option syncs one page at a time, all you require is the link to the published web page.

Please see different backup options below:

Backing up all App data into one zip file - backup and restore with iTunes FileSharing

Generate a website backup using Dropbox

Restore a previously generated Dropbox backup

Page Import

Send editable documents through email