How do I add a feedback form to my HTML Egg website?
HTML Egg Pro Edition provides built in form creation tools that allows you to design both forms and pages.

The following details applies to HTML Egg Classic Edition.

Feedback forms usually leverage a response script that either forwards the user feedback to you through email or to a database, depending on how the script is set up.

HTML Egg provides integration with Google Forms as well as Touch Forms, both are great solutions leveraged by many of our users. To see which option better meets your needs, please check out these demo videos:

Integrate a form with Google Form:
- leverages a HTML Snippet, you can use this option on both HTML Egg for iOS as well as HTML Egg for Mac

Integrate with Touch Forms:
- integrates HTML Egg with its sibling App, Touch Forms (sold separately on the iOS App Store). This option is only available for the iOS edition of HTML Egg at this time.