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How to I generate a Connection Log?
If you continuously receive an error message upon upload, please do not hesitate to write to us. To help you troubleshoot, we would like a copy of the connection log which will be generated when an upload fails. You may also manually generate a connection log following these steps:

1. Launch the HTML Egg app

2. Navigate to the website you are working on

3. Tap on the Settings button in the toolbar (gear icon) and select "FTP Settings"

4. Check to make are the FTP settings are completed as provided by your web host

5. Tap on "Test Connection"

6. If the connection is not successful, you will receive a detailed copy of the connection log. Please tap on the "Copy Log" button

7. Send the connection log to After the log is copied, you will be able to paste it directly into the email

This connection log will help troubleshoot your connection issue. Most of the time, the issue can be addresses by making minor FTP setting adjustments. We hope to help you successfully publish your website as app as possible.