I deleted my website, how do I restore it back into the HTML Egg App?
This App supports data backup and restore through both Dropbox and iTunes Filesharing.

Sync to Dropbox and transfer website between different devices:

If you do not have a backup but the website is published online, you can also easily perform a restore using the Page Import feature.

Steps for page import
1. Launch the HTML Egg app
2. Create a new website or open an existing website
3. Tap on the "+" button and choose "Import Page"
4. Enter in URL for page to be imported. You need to enter the full URL here, for example, if you are importing the main home page for http://www.htmlegg.com, please enter http://www.htmlegg.com/index.html

** including the page file name here is very important

The page import option is shown when a new web page is added, if you're adding a new website (at the app home screen), you won't see the page import function.