How do I add an interactive Google Map to my HTML Egg web page?
When you are looking to show locations, nothing shows it better than an interactive map! You can easily embed a customizable and dynamic Google map using HTML Snippets.

There are two easy steps:

1. Find the map region you want from Google Maps. Google will automatically create the HTML Code for you, copy this code.

2. Open HTML Egg, open your web page, add a HTML Snippet and paste the code in. Preview the web page to make sure the map looks the way you want it to.

Please note the first part of this tutorial is taken with the Safari web browser on a computer. We needed to copy the HTML code and then paste it into the iPad. (Many of our users like to copy the map code from Google Maps on a computer, and then email this to the iPad) We do this because we couldn't find a map code generating feature on the iPad edition of Google Maps.