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I wish to submit new template design to the HTML Egg App template collection?
Thank you for your interest in submitting new templates! Here are some instructions and helpful guidelines that will get you started.

Instructions for submitting to the Egg Nation Templates Collection

Egg Nation Templates is a collection of web page templates created on iPads and iPhones using the HTML Egg App.

We welcome users to submit new designs. As this collection is made available publicly, please make sure your submission follow these guidelines:

1. You must own all rights to the template including text, graphics and layouts.

2. Template may not display advertisements. You may include your name as well as a link to your website on the template.

3. We recommend using placeholder box in place for photos, as well as placeholder mockup text content

Please submit your entry in the following format to

Template Name
Template Web URL
Designer Name
Designer Email
Designer Website optional

Please let us know if you have any questions getting started.