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How do I upload files from HTML Egg to a new subfolder on my server?
If you are publishing to a sub folder that already exists on the web server, simply enter the folder name under FTP Settings - Remote Path. See instructions below if the sub folder does not exist yet.

If you wish to publish HTML Egg files to a new subfolder on your domain, this subfolder need to be created manually on the web server outside of this App.

There are a number of FTP Apps that can help with this, including FTP Manager Free and FTP Client Pro for iOS devices. FileZilla is also a well known FTP client that works for PC and Mac. Your web host provider should also be able to assist you with this step.

You may choose to give the folder any name you prefer, as long as there are no spaces or special characters.

Once the folder is created, please enter the folder name in the Remote Path field under FTP Settings in HTML Egg.