Design mobile friendly websites using HTML Egg
HTML Egg can be used to create mobile friendly websites. Examples include and, both are Google tested mobile friendly, made using the Egg app.

We want to emphasize because HTML Egg allows users to have full control of the web design process, the "mobile friendliness" largely depends on the designer. We recommend using large, clear fonts, especially for links. The end goal is to ensure mobile users are able to read the website without needing to zoom-in.

Google's free mobile test tool is also an excellent checker, it helps verify if your design is mobile friendly.

Before officially publishing your website, we recommend running it through the mobile test tool to see if there are any layouts or fonts that need to be adjusted.

***Integrating with Bootstrap
Bootstrap is a popular mobile first frame work that offers many convenient responsive widgets and web elements.

Bootstrap can be integrated through “custom header code” and “HTML Snippets”. For detailed instructions, please see

We also have a video demo showing how to integrate Bootstrap with HTML Egg Pro for Mac. Steps are similar for the iOS Editions.

If you are web designing using an iOS device, HTML Egg's touch based editors designed natively for iPhone and iPad make it very easy to draft websites that will look good on mobile devices.

If you are web designing using a Mac, we offer a free trial version. Available at: