How to apply hover color effects?
Hover colors show when a mouse cursor is "hovering" on top of the text box or shape.

This is a new feature introduced in HTML Egg Pro edition. Please note because "hover effects" are only activated when there is a mouse cursor hovering over the text box or link, you will not able to see such effect changes if you are visiting the website using a tablet or a smartphone.

Hover effects can be applied to either the "text" itself or to an entire shape (or both).

If applied to the text, when hovering on top of the text, the text color will be updated to the new hover color specified.

If applied to the shape, when hovering on top of the shape, the entire shape color will change and update to the new hover color specified.

The hover color adds more interactivity to your page and can make a website appear more dynamic.

When applying a hyperlink to a text box, you will see a selection for "Link Type", the options are "Text Only" and "Shape". If applied to "Text Only", only the text will hover. If applied to "Shape", the entire shape will hover. If you wish to apply hover colors to both, please select "Shape".

You would not need to apply hover colors in combination with hyperlinks. It is also possible to apply hover colors to text boxes and shapes even when they are not linked.

Demo for applying hover color effects using HTML Egg Pro for iPad: