How do I test to see if my FTP connection is working in HTML Egg?
Please open FTP Settings, towards the top of the settings screen, you will find a button for "Test Connections"

Please tap on this button to run a connection test. If the test fails, you will be provided with a Connection Log detailing potential causes and suggestions on what to do to troubleshoot.

If the connection is successful, you will receive a confirmation message that says both the Upload as well as Web Access Tests are "Successful".

You may also receive a confirmation that the upload was "Successful", but the "Web Access Test" failed. In these situations, first check to make the Website Base URL is completed, this is usually your domain name. Then make sure the Remote Path field is completed correctly. We recommend getting in touch with your web host provider to verify the name of the web publishing folder. This folder should be entered under the "Remote Path" field.

When hosting is properly set up, if a page named home.html is uploaded to, it will be accessible at

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