How to add Google Analytics tracking code to my web page?
Google Analytics tracking code should be placed within the "header" section of the page.

Please follow these steps:
1. Open the web page in HTML Egg
2. Open Page Properties (Settings Button on toolbar --> Page Properties)
3. In the newly launched Page Properties window, you will notice a text box for "Custom Header Code". This text box is used for any third party widget code segments that needs to be added into the "header" section of the page source code. In most cases, Google Analytics code should be added here.
4. Click on "Save and Close" to exit the Page Properties window

Once added into Custom Header Code, the code do not need to be re-added anywhere on the page itself.

If you are interested in reviewing the raw source code of the page, the newly added code will be available in the source code between the <head> and </head> tags. HTML Egg provides you with the ability to view the source code directly from within the App. Please click on Settings button on the toolbar and choose "Source Code".