How do I link to a file from Dropbox?
There are multiple options for adding files from Dropbox to your web page. The following steps provide instructions for moving over photos and adding links to documents in Dropbox.

1. Start by downloading the free Dropbox App in the App Store.

2. Open the Dropbox App, navigate to Photos and you will be able to save selected photos to the Photo Library on the device. Once saved, these photos may be added from the Photo Library directly onto the page.

3. Documents such as PDF and MS Word files can not be embedded directly into the page but they can be linked using the Dropbox share links

4. To generate a link for a Dropbox file, navigate to this file and select Copy Link to Clipboard in the share options

5. Open the HTML Egg app, press and hold on the text box or photo you wish to apply the link to, in the pop up menu, select "Link". Paste the link generated in step 4 into the link field.

A video demo for linking to a Dropbox file can be found at