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How to save all website data in one zip file?
The HTML Egg App provides you with multiple options for backing up and restoring your website data. The following steps detail instructions for saving all data into one zip file (with the help of iTunes File Sharing)

1. Open HTML Egg, tap on the info button (i) on the left side of the toolbar

2. Choose "Backup All Websites", please allow sufficient time for the backup to take place, if you have a lot of pages and use large size photos, the backup process may take up to several minutes to complete. Wait until you receive confirmation that the backup is complete before navigating away from the App

3. Once the backup in step 2 is complete, connect your iOS device to your computer

4. Launch iTunes, choose the newly connected iOS device, then select the "Apps" tab. We are now going to use iTunes File Sharing to transfer the zip file containing all the website data (created in step 2) to your computer

5. In the current iTunes screen, scroll to the bottom until you see a section titled "Apps", find "HTML Egg" in the list

6. On the right hand, a list of files appears under the title "HTML Egg Documents". Select the file named "" and then click "Save to" to save this file to your computer

And you are done! Please keep this file in a secure place, you may transfer it back to your iOS device at a later time to perform a restore.

Additional details on iTunes File Sharing is available from the official Apple website at: