(Mac Edition) How do I add a hyper link?
The following instructions are for HTML Egg for Mac. This edition is available on the Mac App Store.

1. Open the HTML Egg App on your Mac
2. Open the web page you wish to apply hyper links to

PART I: Linking to an external website
Demo: http://youtu.be/SC1qVwAyVaI

In this example, let's create a hyper link to http://www.htmlegg.com

- Click on the "Text box" button on the toolbar to add a new text box

- On the web page canvas, select the newly added text box. Enter website URL in the Hyperlink text box. In our example, let's enter "http://www.htmlegg.com" (no quotes)
Click on the Save Link button

- Choose the "Preview" button on the toolbar to preview the web design, click on the newly added text box and it should take you to the hyperlink applied

Feel free to customize the text box content as well as style to fit your needs. Similarly, you can use these same steps to apply a hyper link to a photo.

Part II - linking to another page you are currently working on
Demo: http://youtu.be/bK1BZNjElM0

If you have a multiple page website, you may wish to create a navigation menu that links together all the pages.

- first, let's locate the file name of each web page. Open your web page in HTML Egg and choose the "Page Properties" button. Locate the text box for "File Name"

- in the Hyperlink text box, enter the file name of the page you wish to link to (including the file extension: mypage.html)

- repeat the above two steps for each page you wish to link

- please upload all pages, individually one at a time, you will be able to test out the links in the published edition once all pages are published