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How do I sync data when using HTML Egg on different devices?
The HTML Egg app is available for your iPad, iPhone, Android and Mac.

If you web design with HTML Egg on multiple devices, the following instructions will help you sync your website data.

You have a couple of different options to sync data between your iOS device and a Mac. They are both very simple:

Option 1. Sync through Dropbox
On your iPad or iPhone, tap on the Sync button when you are done editing to transfer all new changes to your Dropbox account. (See embedded video demo below)

On your Mac, simply work from your Dropbox folder, changes will be automatically saved.

Please see detailed Mac instructions below:
1. Install the Dropbox for Mac software (free download from
2. Navigate to the Dropbox folders for the saved HTML Egg files (sync-ed from iOS edition)
3. Launch HTML Egg on the Mac, open the web page document directly from the Dropbox folders. When saving changes, this will automatically save the changes into Dropbox.
4. When you are ready to work on the iPad or iPhone again, perform another sync on the iOS device will download the newly changed copies from Dropbox. This will sync the files back onto the iOS devices.

Option 2. Email as document attachment

Email the document in ".eggpage" format. Unlike option 1 where you can sync an entire website at once, this option transfers a single page at a time. This option ideal for sharing individual design documents. More details available at

****Transfer web page from Mac to Android
1. Open web page in Mac, go to File -> Export HTML and Files
2. Copy files to Android device and paste in a website subfolder under "HTMLEggData"