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How to start my design from a built in web page template?
The HTML Egg App comes with dozens of professionally designed web page templates. You may choose to start your design from a blank canvas or to get a jump start by using a template:

1. Launch the HTML Egg App
2. Open an existing website or create a new one
3. Add a new web page to the website by tapping on the "Add New", "+", button
4. Give the new page a title (you may update this later under Page Preferences)
5. You will be presented with the available templates, choose one that best fits your needs

*Note Templates are different from the web page "Samples"

Other than the web page templates, you will also find a handful of pages in a Samples folder upon install. These pages are a few selected samples meant to get you familiar with the App, feel free to delete them when no longer needed.

The set of templates are installed as part of the App, you will always have access to them when adding a new page.