How do I update the font style for a HTML Snippet box?
This App provides you with over 50 different font styles for your text boxes.

If you use a HTML Snippet box, you will notice that the HTML code always default to the classic system font. This is because HTML Snippet boxes are mainly meant for widget code, the font styles usually do not impact the look and feel of the web page. But if you wish to update the font style for the text in a HTML Snippet, you may do so by wrapping the code in the two tags as shown in this demo.

Please note if you choose a web font (dark gray in the font style selector panel), you need to include at least one text box on the web page that uses the same web font.

Font size used in HTML Snippets:
Please note the markup font size is different from the scale used in the App's regular font selector. A size 3 in the <font> HTML Snippet is about the same as a size 18 in the regular text box.

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