I have an existing website created with a different software, can I import this into HTML Egg for editing on the iPhone and iPad?
At this time, only websites created with HTML Egg and the Website Maker App can be transferred directly for drag and drop editing. If you built your existing site using a non compatible software such as iWeb, Dreamweaver or FrontPage, this App contains a built in tool that will help you bring the page in by extracting the text content from the published page. You will need to redesign the layout as well as
re-add photos. Please note depending on your site content, this could potentially be a time consuming process.

If you use any HTML snippets on your existing site, you will be able to easily reuse them on your new site by copying and pasting the code into HTML Egg snippets

One key setting the user may need to adjust when converting a page is the "Encoding Setting". If you find the imported text include special characters and symbols instead of the original text, it's likely the encoding selected is incorrect. If your website content is mainly in English, please try "UTF-8" (default) or "UTF-16".

The following video demo shows you how to redesign an existing web page in HTML Egg with the help of the text import tool.

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