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How do I integrate HTML Egg with Touch Forms?
This question applies to HTML Egg Classic. HTML Egg Pro Edition has builtin support for creating web forms.

Touch Forms support direct integration with HTML Egg for making web forms that blends well into your HTML Egg website themes. Please see detailed steps below:

Instructions for iPad and iPhone

1. Create a template page in HTML Egg. In most cases, you may simply duplicate a copy of a web page in your site and delete any unwanted objects. This will allow you to keep your site headers, footers as well as background colors and patterns.

Part A. Tap on the Share button in the toolbar, choose Export to Touch Forms. Please note in order for this step to complete successfully, the Touch Forms App must also be installed

Part B. When a template is imported into Touch Forms, it will be saved in the "Received Forms" category, it becomes a regular web form. You may move it to the "Custom Add-on Templates" folder to be able to select it as an add-on template. This is a similar process to moving regular forms between different form groups.

To move a form:
- Tap on the "Edit" button
- Select the form (highlights with red border)
- Tap on the "Move" button, this is next to the "Delete" button
- Choose the form category you wish to move the form into

3. Open Touch Forms, add a new form. In the Template Selection screen, choose "Add-on", you should see the page that you have just exported in step 2, select this page.

4. You may use the template in step 3 as the base of your web form. Start creating the form by adding fillable text fields, multiple choice radio buttons, checkboxes, submit button, etc.

Instructions for Mac
On the Mac edition, you will be able save the file directly into eggpage format and open it in Touch Forms.

For instructions on integrating HTML Egg with Touch Forms on a Mac, please see

When your design is complete, publish the form via FTP a similar process to publishing pages in HTML Egg

If you wish to link to your form from your website. Return to HTML Egg and add a hyper link to the form. You may copy and paste the form URL as generated by Touch Forms. If you did not automatically receive a Launch in Safari URL, please check to ensure Website Base URL is complete under FTP Settings