How do I connect the HTML Egg App to ixwebhosting?
The HTML Egg App is compatible with any web host provider that supports FTP uploads.

If you are hosting with ixwebhosting (, please see these steps:

1 Enter your FTP username, password and server address into the "FTP Settings" in HTML Egg

2. Enter your website address into the Website Base URL field, this is usually the same as your web domain address (i.e.

3. Set the "Classic Mode" switch to ON (this is an important step for users of ixwebhosting)

4. Tap on the "Test Connection" button to make sure you get a "Success" result for both Upload and Web Access

If you receive a Success result for "Upload" but the "Web Access" test fails, this usually means you need to enter a Remote Path value. The standard path value is "public_html" for most web host providers. Your web host will be able to provide you with the exact path name.

HTML Egg fully supports FTP transfers, SFTP as well as FTPS. This App has been tested compatible with just about all large web hosting providers. If you are unsure if your web host is compatible, please feel free to contact us at We will help you verify connectivity and troubleshoot any upload issues.