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Base template example
Download example website with base template
Instructions below apply to HTML Egg Pro for Mac

1. Download example website
2. Unzip website into folder "Base Template Website Demo"
3. Launch HTML Egg Pro for Mac and go to File Menu > Open > Open Website
4. Select folder in step 2
5. This will launch the example website

This example contains a base template, three pages and a web form.

How to edit base template:
1. Open base template (page icon marked in blue)
2. Edit base template elements, save
3. Open a web page inheriting from base template, modifications from step 2 will be automatically reflected

How to edit a regular page:
1. Open any regular page
2. Edit content and add new objects such as text and photos

Please note inherited base template objects CAN NOT be modified from a regular page.

(In this example, the navigation menu, header text and background layout are fixed as part of the base template, these elements can ONLY be modified on the base template itself)
This is the base template
Base Template is a new feature introduced in HTML Egg Pro, it's designed to contain components that should be consistent across the website. Examples are headers and navigation site menus.