All new file format
iOS and macOS
Tons of under-the-hood improvements with a brand new format for better performance
All new color picker
Beautiful macOS color selector with support for more colors and easy-to-use color dropper
Both dark & light mode
Support for both light and dark-mode
In-page web form
iOS and macOS
Completely redesigned web form components featuring support for Google reCAPTCHA
Fully zoomable canvas
Easily zoom the entire design canvas with pinch gestures
Integration with Files app
Exports HTML source code and media files to iOS Files app. Sync design files through iCloud Drive.
iCloud Drive Sync
iOS and macOS
If you have multiple devices, you can use iCloud Sync to automatically sync your designs
Redesigned preview
iOS and macOS
All new full page preview with refresh options make it simple to test your designs
Designed with HTML Egg
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HTML Egg 2
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New in HTML Egg 2
Upgrading from HTML Egg 1
HTML Egg 2 supports file migration for converting design files created using HTML Egg 1 to the all new HTML Egg 2 format. Design files from HTML Egg 1 are files with "eggpage" extension.
Upgrade Guide